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I really hope you enjoy my blog as I put a lot of work into it :). Moving-Living is made to get more people into the enjoying sport of spearfishing. On this blog I will provide information about products, how-tos and anecdotes in general :).

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Lack of Guidance

If you buy your spearfishing gear online, you will risk selecting the wrong things.


Unfortunately, you can get the wrong guidance in diving shops as well. Beginners often come home from a diving shop with the wrong (much too expensive) equipment that will soon need to be replaced.


Equipment for sperfishing and scuba diving differs!


In this guide, we will give you advice and guidance about what to look for when you are going to buy equipment for spearfishing.



On this site, I will give you recommendations and reviews of equipment and tell you where you can buy it.


Because this is another challenge!


Where to buy your equipment?


The review I make on this site are mine and others may not agree. When I give you my recommendations I will also link to places where you can buy the equipment.

I want to say upfront that if you buy through my link, I will earn a small commission, but this doesn’t affect the price you pay for the equipment. This also means that you can be part of supporting this little page, and that I can write more great articles you can use J.


I hope you enjoy this, as well as my other guides, and that it can help you save money by getting the right equipment the first time. If you like to reach out to me don’t hesitate to write.