Best spearfishing float. Find the one that fits you the best

best float for spearfishingWhen you are spearfishing, it is vital to indicate where you are positioned, by floating a clearly visible object on the surface.

Floats let boat traffic know that a diver is in the water or below the boat. It also allows you If you to let go of the gun if you spear a monster fish. Because there is a line attached to the float, you are able to control and retrieve the fish as well as your spear gun.

This article will explain everything a spearo needs to know about:

  • Spearfishing float line
  • Spearfishing float line setup
  • Spearfishing float rope
  • Spearfishing float rig
  • Product reviews


When does a float comes in handy

There is pretty much no disadvantage to having a float when diving and spearfishing. Without a float you risk losing your gun, or getting hit by someone passing by when you go to the surface. The importance of visibility cannot be stressed enough; choose a brightly colored float with a flag.

A spearfishing float has three main functions:

  • To transport fish and spare kit
  • To make a diver more visible
  • To stop large fish

Although it is a combination of what your intentions are as well as your personal preference, floats are an important part of your spearfishing gear.  When hunting large, hard-fighting fish, the right float often makes the difference between a successful trip and a disappointing one

Regulations regarding floats

Spearfishers are required by law to use a float when diving. This law applies globally.

How to use a float 

Blue Water Spearfishing

Blue Water Spearfishing

One end of the float line is connected to a float and the other to the end of the shooting line, which wraps around the spear gun, and connects to the spear. Once the spear is fired into a large fish, the shooting line, float line, and float it will be totally free from the diver and the spear gun.


Kelp Spearfishing

Similar to the blue water set up, only the float is replaced with a kelp carrot or in some case, nothing at all. No float at the end means that the diver is able to swim through the kelp without getting snagged. Some dive with this set up while also carrying an inflatable float, which they can then clip onto the float line after the shot is placed.

Some dive with this set up while also carrying an inflatable float, which they can then clip onto the float line after the shot is placed.

Reef or rock Spearfishing

Keep a float line clipped to the gun, even if you are not expecting to see a large fish. The gun can be left to mark a hole with a fish, and then when you take another breath, the float line can be followed down to your gun.

Types of floats

Topedo shape
d floats have the least drag and, and with the addition of a lead keel, they will remain upright with a flag mounted on them.

floats are not useful for putting a flag on them. For larger fish, a bigger float is needed – a float around 35lt is average for game fishing.

Foam filled floats maintain buoyancy, even when you pull them under, they will pop up some as opposed to a hollow float, which will implode and sink. Inflatable floats are quite useful for traveling, and quality ones are generally quite durable.

Hard float Vs Inflatable Float

Hard floats may be used anywhere and for just about anything. They are hard wearing and provide outstanding buoyancy.

The larger the float, the more buoyancy you will get.

The larger and stronger the fish you are hoping to catch, the larger and stronger your float will have to be.

Most use a hard float when they are deep blue fishing for spearing pelagic fish. Commercially made hard floats are generally plastic shell, blown with foam for buoyancy.

Soft floats are great for shallower spearing and for catching smaller fish.

Soft floats often have two layers, the inflatable inner and a canvas covering. This enhances the float’s durability, decreasing the chances of your float tearing.


The easy solution is a to have brightly colored spearfishing buoy, on which you may even store spearfishing accessories. If are diving from the shore, opt for a double envelope signaling buoy. This offers better resistance to rocks.

Some marker buoys are designed with a single skin. These are the cheaper choice, as this construction is less resistant to punctures than the double skin versions, which have an inner bladder and an outer cover.


What is a float line?

float line spearfishingWhen choosing a float, ensure that it comes with float line; one strong enough and long enough for what you plan to be hunting, as well as the depth you will be diving.

The float line gets tied to your float, with the other end getting attached to your gun, using a shark clip.

Float line is either made out of plastic tubing, or by buoyant braided plastic rope. These lines feature hardware at each end, which allows for the attachment of:

  • Floats
  • Spear guns
  • Break away spear
  • Kelp carrots
  • Flashlight
  • Pole spears


Float line or rope

Float Line made of braided rope

These lines are generally in the shorter range.. Braided float lines are usually inexpensive and are suitable for beginners. Even if you opt for the nicer tubing float line, this serves as a great backup.

Float Line made of tubing

This is a very fine hose which is air tight at both ends, allowing it to float. These float lines have a cord core, to prevent the tube from breaking when you have a large fish on your spear.


Where to attach a float

There are two ways to use a float line, which depending on what you are using your gun or float line for.

The simplest way would be to attach the float line clip to a loop of line on the rear of the gun. The disadvantage is the risk of big fish taking your gun down with it. However, if you don’t hunt for big fish, it is probably the simplest way to go.

Now, if you are planning to hunt huge fish in blue water, you can use your float and the line to fight the fish. In this case, you will want to go for the breakaway set up, which enables you to keep your gun with you, and hang onto it while you are fighting the fish. After you shoot, the gun is out of the chain, and remains safe in your hands.

Different float different hunting purposes

Float lines are chiefly used to enable you to shoot larger fish. Once the shot is placed, you can let go of your gun, hang loosely onto the float line, and allow the fish to flow as you makes your way up to the surface. Once at the surface you can take that sweet breath of air and begin to pull the fish up.

Alternatively, the breakaway setup means that the spear gun is completely disconnected from the spear, as well as the shooting and float lines. In this case, you will hang onto your gun but the ascent is the same.

Product reviews

The top-grade floats are those that are extremely visible, long-wearing and made of virtually imperishable materials.

Riffe 3 Atmosphere Torpedo Float

Riffe 3 Atmosphere Torpedo FloatFeatures of the Riffe 3 float:

  • Two side handles and one rear handle
  • # BC Air Blower with adapters available for most manufacturers
  • Emergency Flair holder
  • Is compatible with a flag and ballast weight of 3 lbs lead shot

Rob Allen Remora Inflatable 35L Float

Rob Allen Remora Inflatable 35L FloatFeatures of the Rob Allen Remora float:

  • 5 bar rated for huge lift capacity
  • Ideal for bluewater game fishing where maximum buoyancy is required
  • Streamline torpedo shape minimizes resistances from wind and water
  • Inflatable design makes it convenient for travel
  • Has a replaceable latex inner valve

Neptonics Float

Neptonics FloatFeatures the Neptonics flat:

  • Many attachment points for hanging fish stringers and strap gear to
  • High end, locking inflation valve
  • Accessory pockets in addition to the internal weight compartment
  • Quick dump deflation valve


Omer Master Torpedo Float 

Omer Master Torpedo FloatFeatures the Omer Master Torpedo Float:

  • Webbing Straps, which include Attached D-Rings – for Clipping-Off Accessory Items
  • Inner Air Cell Made of Strong and Resistant PVC
  • Ideal Buoy for Spear Fishing from Shore where Surf Conditions are Present
  • Hydrodynamic Shape as well as a Removable Flag, which Reduces Drag through Surf


MAKO Professional Inflatable Spearfishing Float

MAKO Professional Inflatable Spearfishing FloatFeatures MAKO Professional Inflatable float:

  • Thread locking oral inflate valve
  • Stainless steel wide D shackle for attaching to float lines
  • Internal weight system to keep float upright
  • 80lbs of lift at the surface


Beuchat Guardian Float

guardianfloatFeatures Beuchat Guardian Float:

  • 19-litre watertight detachable compartment, which is positioned at the front
  • Detachable storage pocket which is positioned above the compartment
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Mooring line attachment.
  • Inflatable cushion at the rear, for efficient finning
  • Fins beneath each float, which provide stability.