Blue Water Volunteers

Blue Water Volunteers is a community with a purpose. 

As a volunteer member of Blue Water Volunteers, you form part of an inspiring Marine-conservation NPO, based in lovely Singapore, serving the marine environment. 

Blue Water Volunteers aim to draw awareness to, and assist the research of, the ocean’s magnificent ecosystems, like the coral reefs that exist worldwide. Their belief is that through conservation, awareness, and education, meaningful impacts can be made to our underwater world. 

Blue Water Volunteers have created four main programs to achieve this aim: 

ReefFriends, ReefWalk, ReefTalks and ReefExhibits. Each of these programs focuses on a Specific way to get people inspired, increase research, and mobilize the forces of reef conservation. 

ReefFriends: ReefFriends is a program for SCUBA divers who are trained in Reef Check or the Line-Intercept transect survey techniques. With this, volunteers will assist in important coral reef surveys. 

ReefWalk: Targeted at non-divers, the ReefWalk program is an inter-tidal program that shows the wonder of the ocean to those who otherwise would not see it. Volunteer guides have the opportunity to show the public the magic of the inter-tidal coral Reefs of Kusu Island at low tide. 

These walks are all free-of-charge, with participants only needing to pay for their and their volunteer guide’s transport costs. 

Reeftalks: ReefTalks are mini-seminars, where coral reef scientists and researchers can connect with local people. During ReefTalks, coral reef scientists and researchers have the opportunity to present their work, discuss their findings and educate the public on the importance of coral reef conservation. 

Topics discussed at these ReefTalks are highly varied, from procreation to undiscovered species. 

ReefExhibits: ReefExhibits are a chance to mobilize the general public of Singapore by showing them photos taken in Singapore, of the incredible diversity and abundance of marine life still in their waters. 

ReefExhibits set up booths at most other Blue Water Volunteer events and also serve as the main vehicle for fund-raising for Blue Water Volunteers. There is coral reef related merchandise and literature on sale, and there is the opportunity for donations to be made to the organisation.