Best Spearfishing Gloves Review. Useful guide before buying

spearfishing gloves

For the people who are bored with trying to catch a fish sitting on the shore, spearfishing is the next fishing based adventure for you. However, it is not the safest sport out there. You will need the proper gear to safeguard yourself while underwater, for instance, gloves. So read on further, if you are … Read more

Best Scuba Diving Gear Packages Reviews

Discover the majestic world beneath the ocean

This article is dedicated to all those scuba diving enthusiasts who ready to take their first plunge. Also, folks who are already very much into free diving and keen on buying brand new equipment, here I present reviews of the best scuba diving gear packages. You’re about to Learn: How and when purchase a scuba … Read more

Spearfishing License – What are the laws in the the U.S?

Spearfishing in the Ocean

One of the most frequently asked questions by new spearfishers has to be “is a spearfishing license needed in the US?”. Well, you do. If you’re going use spearfishing gear like a speargun while scuba diving, you should get a license to avoid any legal hassle. Things We Are Going to Learn What Is Spearfishing? … Read more

Learn to Scuba Dive for Beginners

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an adventure sport and requires some degree of training before you can actually begin freediving. As a novice, your top priority should be achieving proper fitness, but that’s not all. Although Googling “learn to scuba dive for beginners” won’t actually make you fit for the task, you can at least gain some … Read more

Best beginner spearfishing gear. Read this before you buy


Finding it difficult to find the best spearfishing gear packages for you upcoming diving trip? Fret not, this article will cover every important detail you need to know to make an informed decision. So, without further ado, let’s begin:  You’re about to Learn: The advantages and drawbacks of spearfishing gear package deal. Things to look … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Scuba Diving Knife

Use of a Scuba Diving Knife

Scuba diving is an ultimate form of adrenaline-filled adventure for quirky nature-lovers like me. But the fun won’t be funny anymore if you don’t have the proper tool to save yourself or your diving mates from the obstacles of the deep sea. Let me tell you more about how to find the best scuba diving … Read more

What Are the Most Beautiful Coral Reefs in the World?

The Great Barrier Reef

So, I assume you wish to explore the mystical beauty lying twenty thousand leagues under the sea this holiday. Want to know what are the most beautiful coral reefs in the world? Craving for a dream-like snorkeling or scuba-diving experience? Read on and you won’t be disappointed.   Topics of Discussion: Fascinating facts about coral … Read more

What are the best scuba diving lights?

What are the best scuba diving lights?

Want to see anything when you dive into caves? Explore shipwrecks? Dive at night? You’ll need a scuba diving light for all those activities.   What type of lights do you need? What are the best scuba diving lights out there? Read on to find the answers to all your questions about dive lights.   … Read more

Best Freediving Fins – All you should know before you buy

The Best Freediving Fins

When it comes to finding the right freediving fins, you will realise that although they all serve a common purpose, they actually vary greatly in terms of material, stiffness and length. There a a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings on the subject of selecting the right pair and there are a lot of aspects to … Read more