Snorkeling gear for kids. A guide to get of to a good start

Best snorkeling gear for kids

This article is for parents who wish to buy snorkeling gear for their kids. First I’ll outline some of the biggest things to look for when purchasing a kids snorkeling set. Then I’ll list the pros and cons of some of the best snorkeling gear for kids. What to look for in kids snorkeling gear … Read more

Best Inexpensive Dive Watches. Get best value for money

Best Inexpensive Dive Watch

The function of dive watches is to keep an eye on the amount of time you spend underwater, as well as the vital element of air that remains in your tank. Dive watches have been around forever, since the 19th century in fact, yet they are still both useful and fashionable today. Dive watches have … Read more

How do you find the best Scuba Mask

Best Scuba Masks of 2016

Whether you plan on snorkeling or diving, selecting your first diving mask can overwhelm, yet choosing the right one makes a huge difference between a fantastic experience and a frustrating one. No one likes a misty or seeping mask and depending on a dive shop to have one, which is perfect for you, isn’t ideal. Here is … Read more

Choosing the best full face snorkel mask

Choosing the best full face snorkel mask

This article will show you: What a full face mask snorkel is The benefits of using a full face mask Its drawbacks What to look for when purchasing a full face mask Some of the most popular full face masks on the market, and how they compare with one another   The best way to … Read more

Pole spear tips for spearfishers. Hit your target everytime

The best pole spear tips for spearfishers

Do you want to improve your skills as a spearo? Try putting down your speargun and picking up a pole spear instead. More experienced folk will recommend using a pole spear when you are first getting into spearfishing. This is not just good advice for those new to the sport. Even experienced spearos can benefit from … Read more

How to get started with spearfishing

How to get started with spearfishing

Underwater hunting without bottles can be practiced by all. This blog post is for you if you want to learn how to get started with spearfishing.   If you are equipped with a mask, wetsuit (depending on the temperature of the water), and the Hawaiian sling, you are already well underway. You can of course … Read more

Choosing the best spearfishing knife

Promate Scuba Diving Snorkeling Blunt Tip Stainless Steel Knife

When it comes to choosing the best spearfishing knives there are a few factors that you will need to take into consideration.   How you will using the knife will determine which factors are most important to you and what you want from a knife.   Take a look at the material, the size and … Read more