Best Snorkel Gear on the Market Now


Whether you’re just getting started with snorkeling, or if you’re pretty much a pro, having your own snorkel gear is a great idea. Especially if you frequently go on professional snorkeling tours, you will likely end up having to use old, worn out, and possibly even dangerous. Plus, having your own gear ensures you won’t … Read more

Why You Should Go Diving with an Underwater Scooter

underwater scooter

Over 6 million people across the globe are active participants in the scuba diving lifestyle. In America alone, over 3.25 million people go scuba diving in a single year! Whether you’re just learning to scuba dive or if you’ve been into the scuba life for years, we know you’re excited to learn about the best ways … Read more

Do You Want to Scuba or Snorkel?

scuba or snorkel

Daydreaming about your next big trip? If you’re preparing to escape to a tropical paradise filled with aquamarine views, boat drinks, and island music, you’re probably preparing for some time out on the ocean too. Is there anything better than having sun-kissed skin at the end of the day while you take in the sunset … Read more

The Most Important SCUBA Diving Safety Tips

scuba diving safety

Scuba diving can be an amazing experience. It gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the underwater world. However, there are several points of scuba diving safety it’s important to keep in mind. Some of these may seem obvious, but they’re all key in promoting successful dives while simultaneously steering you … Read more

The Right Diving Wetsuit For You

diving wetsuit

Looking to find the best wetsuit for your underwater needs? Different activities require different gear, and you will need a good diving wetsuit for your own safety and comfort when diving. (Not to mention to avoid having to deal with the hassle of rental suits!) Obviously, while you will need different gear for different diving … Read more